Monday, January 29, 2007

Universal Vibrations

from ubu projex :
The four Fontana Years albums, The Tenement Year, Cloudland, Worlds In Collision, and Story Of My Life, will be reissued as individual cds by Universal Music in March 2007

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Friday, January 26, 2007

never changes

We usually don't write about our own music on this page but we like this one.
After mixing
Come Clean we put the digital 16-track away (can only figure out 8 of 'em anyway) and went back to 4-track cassette to write some new songs. This is the first one completed.
never changes

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I sure miss those RC Mob days. Probably saw them 10 or 15 times between '89 and '91.
Indoors, outdoors, small club or large theater they always put on a great show. Omerta is my favorite record with Spin The World a close second. Harold aka Happy still plays solo and on occasion with the Twilight Singers. David is a tour manager for the likes of Avril Lavigne and the Goo Goo Dolls. How do you like them apples now?

Love Rollercoaster from Land Of Sugar
Get On The Bus from Omerta
Happy at Home from S.N.O.B.
Nanana from Spin The World
Konk from Midnight Rose's

I'd tell you where to buy these but they're all out of print !

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Stevie Nix

Rolling Stone review 1978:
It's said that if you play "Imaginary Lover" at about 38 rpm, the Atlanta Rhythm Section sounds just like Fleetwood Mac, which really isn't too surprising since both bands spin their mellow-rock concoctions around a thickly accented snare beat.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

You Don't Know Jack

You don't know what you're missing 'til
you head over to Jack Logan's Myspace
and see what he's dishing out.

Here's the latest gem
Peter'd Love This

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Under The Covers: Vol.3

In an attempt to prove Matthew Sweet has covered every song ever written here's his version of Walter Egan's Magnet and Steel

Magnet And Steel

to hear the original just sign on the dotted line
washington post

Friday, January 12, 2007

Zen Arcade For $1000

I just tuned to Jeopardy and the remaining categories were The Replacements and "Husker Du". This was not Rock and Roll Jeopardy this was the one with
Alex Trebeck. The answers were not about music. What does this mean?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Never Hear The End Of It - a brief synopsis

Never Hear The End Of It
yep roc records
Well let's start with the cover. It's pink. Not a good rock color but it's okay for powerpop. It's got thirty songs, two more than Stadium Arcadium, and not one of them sounds like Mary Jane's Last Dance. A bargain at $ 9.99. I like this band. I hear they're big in Canada.

Monday, January 01, 2007

10 things i hate about 2006

valentine - the hiders
This an album by former-current-former Ass Pony's guitarist Bill Alletzhauser. Another Pony spin-off, Wussy, got all the press but I give this one the edge. Everyone says it sounds like Neil Young and they're probably right.
Well fuck Neil Young and the Crazy Horse he rode in on. I'll take this over Living with War (even if it is free) and another lumbering live album any day.
heart of gold - neil young
That being said, this was a good film. The only reason I went to see it was because it played in the tiny town of West Boylston. This was the biggest cinematic event here since Paul Simonon
had his picture taken in front of the West Boylston Drive- In (see photo) in 1978. Well no one else was there either. It was like a private concert. Neil sang Old Man to himself and it was nice to see him act his age.
endless wire- the who
Speaking of old men, The Who released their first studio album in twenty-four years. It's really a Pete solo album with Roger on some vocals, but that's a good thing. A full band album would have been nice but things didn't work out that way. I have no doubt that the songs on the "opera" are better because they aren't long enough to suck , but that's okay. And if one more reviewer mentions Roger's vocals on Into The Ether I will personally kick their ass.
one day it will please us to remember even this - new york dolls
Some say it's not really the Dolls. No shit. We knew going in that Johnny Thunders wasn't gonna be on the album. It is ,however, a great David Johannsen album and a pretty good Syl Sylvain one too. I have no problem with them calling it the NY Dolls. That is why they got
back together. To play New York Dolls songs live.
other people's lives - ray davies
This is the best Kinks album since... I can't even remember a good Kinks album. It's actually Ray Davies first real solo album and it's his best one too and if you listen to it a couple times you'll forget the Kinks aren't there. Or you'll be glad they're not.
rockford- cheap trick
Is it a comeback if you just had your comeback two albums ago and never went away? Yes, if the album in between is as shitty as Special One. This one blows them both away. Somwhere in the middle you'll think it's 1979. Then you'll look at the cover.
the lemonheads- the lemonheads
Did anyone ask for this. Probably their best next to Ray. The only thing missing is Juliana Hatfield's background vocals. So what if the best songs were written by other members of the band. Nobody ever pegged Evan Dando to be the new Dylan. Did they?
broken boy soldiers- the raconteurs
This is the only Jack White album I own. I would like to thank him for making me buy Brendan Benson's Lapalco which is better than any White Stripes album in my collection.
What I like about this is that it's short and to the point not unlike the Lemonheads. I hear they kick out the jams live which is too bad because I'd much rather hear Benson sing than see White's Bolan/Page imitation. Even if it is good.
third creature, live at the 40 watt, myspace-jack logan
Seems like the only thing anyone remembers is Bulk , but with a new studio album, a live album, and a million songs on Myspace, Jack Logan is still one of the best songwriters out there.
austin city limits
We're talking the television show here and it looks and sounds great in high definition. Three episodes airing this year made this the best music program on TV.
Elvis Costello - At this point he could just go through the motions but he doesn't and The Attractions... I mean The Imposters are as good as ever.
Ray Davies - Seems like he hasn't lost a step (maybe it's the sneakers) and the new songs sound even better live.
Van Morrison - Showcasing tunes from his "country" album, The Man can still sing with the best of them and it looks as if his band are afraid to play one false note.
hey! it could have been worse


Something happened to my year in review and I can't get it back.