Thursday, August 23, 2007

Endless Stamos

(or what I did on my summer vacation part 2)
I was standing in line at Dunkin Donuts (some things you just can't get away from) when I noticed the guy behind me had a Beach Boys cap on. Suddenly another coffee-goer came up to him and said "did you see the Beach Boys at the tent?" I assumed he meant the Cape Cod Melody Tent unless they've lowered themselves to playing campgrounds. And the guy replied " yeah Stamos was great!". Well Brian Wilson was a genius but Stamos, I'm not so sure. Then the other guy said "yeah he rocked!". So it must be true. Still a little skeptcal I sit down with my French Vanilla and my Glazed Stick and open the Cape Cod Times and there it is, in the newspaper
Stamos drives Beach Boys beat

Friday, August 17, 2007

Casual Dining

For 27 years I've missed the Incredible Casuals Sunday afternoon show until now, sort of. Lodging in Hyannis we decided to make the trek to the Wellfleet Beachcomber about 30 miles away. Heading up RT 6 I don't quite know where it is but I do find Cahoon Hollow Rd. It's a long quiet Cape road that goes on forever. "Where is this place?" we all ask aloud. It can't be in the ocean. Sure enough, IT'S RIGHT SMACK ON TOP OF THE BEACH. It's a restaurant so I can bring my kid in right? Wrong! At 4 PM it's a bar and NO ONE UNDER 21 IS ALLOWED. The kind gentleman at the door suggests we order some food and listen outside.
I saw them do a rousing Beat On the Brat in true punk fashion as I ordered from the take-out window. So I did see them, right? Best clam roll I ever had to boot.
Maybe next time I'll get in.
Incredible Casuals (MP3's and more)

Maybe I'm A Leo

maybe i'm not

Friday, August 10, 2007

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kool For Cats

Peter Criss, the cool cat in front of such Kiss classics as Beth and Hard Luck Woman (and behind all the rest), released his fifth solo LP on July 24th
ONE FOR ALL is an autobiographical collection featuring Criss' self-penned tunes, in addition to several cover songs and tribute songs to his fans, that reflect his outlook on life at this point in his long-standing career.
In addition to arranging and writing the lyrics and melodies for most of the material on the CD, ONE FOR ALL is the first fully self-produced CD by Criss. The CD also features collaborations with longtime friends and acclaimed musicians including bandleader Paul Shaffer and bassist Will Lee, as well as guitarist Mike McLaughlin.

did you know?
New York Dolls drummer Jerry Nolan served as Peter Criss' best man at the future Kiss drummer's first wedding.