Friday, August 14, 2009

Woodstock: 40 Year Yawn

I didn't buy the Woodstock original soundtrack album, it was always just there. Three record set, triple gatefold sleeve. it was an audio documentary and I worshiped it. Give me an F. It wasn't just the music it was what was between the songs. Stage Announcements!. Oh to have been there , I thought. The movie was even better, not that edited version they played on TV, but the one I saw at EM Loews. The speed kicking in during Soul Sacrifice. Marijuana Exhibit A. This was my high school education., Joe Cocker my tie-dyed teacher. Breakfast in Bed for 400,000! I couldn't get enough. We're scared shitless! I'm Going Home!
The Director's Cut on Laser Disc was interesting but it's hard to flip six sides in one sitting. Thirty years on (for me) the original soundtrack is lost and the laser disc player is busted. I don't watch or listen to Woodstock anymore. Didn't really even think about it, until now. New Director's Cuts with lost footage! Fifty dollar and up fringe covered Blu Ray 40th anniversary DVDs! A library of new books. Sounds tempting. Nope. Peace might sell but I ain't buying. Does anyone who wasn't there care anymore? I tried to watch it on HDTV the other night and the magic wasn't there. Am I too old or is it just old news? It might still a great documentary but it played better back in the day when bands were still a mystery and every bit of live footage of your favorite band wasn't available at the click of a mouse. I'd still like to see that lost Creedence footage in high quality though.. Forget it, I'm going to put on my We're Only In It For the Money T-shirt instead.