Friday, March 06, 2009

Dark World Gallery Presents

Morgan Freeman
La Teneure en Matieres Grasses Mangouste
March 7 - April 3
Opening Reception: Sat. March 7 from 6 - 10pm

These paintings are roughly based on the foundation of the ideas associated to, not related, with the theories of “Clear”. ”Clear” being the ever present illumination from which we see color past and not past color to a “Progressive” work. To view is to see; whereas these works are to be seen in still darkness or a null of illumination excluding the function where the psyche concludes the absence of the work itself in relation to a new found creation by the observers understanding that the work is perpetually changing the canvas face, not for beauty but for an uncertain outcome. Its form is withered do in part to the objectification of its lacking function.
179 Grafton Street
Worcester Ma