Tuesday, January 15, 2008

shrunken memory

There were two more new albums I bought in 2007 I almost forgot. Paul McCartney's Memory Almost Full which, while an improvement on the much overrated Chaos and Creation (what chaos?), didn't hold my attention for more than a couple listens. Also of note was Ian Hunter's Shrunken Heads which was good but not on a par with his previous album Rant. I may have to try this one again while I search for the out of print Artful Dodger.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Last Year's Model

Is it too late to nominate an album which came out last year, even though I bought it this year, for the best of 2007?
I'm talking about Ray Davies second solo LP Working Man's Cafe.
It's not due for a physical release in the US (New West Records) 'til Feb 19 but apparently has been available as a digital download for months. Who knew?

Amazon Download (only $8.99!)

Ray Davies MySpace