Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Richer Understanding

always loved double nickels on the dime (and 3-way tie for last) but I never really knew what the minutemen were all about until now. this is great stuff. if you don't already know all the lyrics to the songs i recommend watching it with the subtitles on. this dvd came highly recommended by Bruce who runs a Mike Watt website and is mentioned in the credits of the film. he is also the one who sang every word to every song on double nickels in my car on the way home from a bob mould (i think it was mould) show which made me think "maybe i should pay more attention to this record." i did. thanks.

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bruce said...

yes I run A mike watt site.
not to be confused with THE mike watt site:

much love & respect jim.
go to ralph's on 7/21
angry johnny is playing
i am planning to be there.
i'm married though - so anything could happen - but that's the plan for now.