Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Idlewylde South

Zakk Wylde interview Feb 2007 Guitar World

The Allman Brothers' manager, Jonny Podell, knew I was a huge fan. So when something happened with Dickey and he couldn't do the show, Jonny called me. I was in the studio with Ozzy at the time. They flew me out on Saturday night for a show at Great Woods in Boston the next day. During rehearsal Gregg Allman comes over to me and says in his slow southern drawl, "Yo Zakk brother, you know how to play Dreams, 'bro?" And I was like "Oh the Molly Hatchet song?"(laughs) And he goes "Man another comment like that and we're gonna have to send you back home."(laughs) They hate Molly Hatchet! And I'm talking to the guy who originally wrote that amazing song!

But the show was cool as shit man. To me it sounded like Mahogany Rush playing with the Allman Brothers. (laughs) It was hilarious. After the first show they were like, "We love you Zakk. Now get the fuck out of here." I guess the Molly Hatchet and Frank Marino shit didn't go over too well. (laughs)

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