Saturday, June 09, 2007

Who Listens To The Radio?

(a little more sports talk while we're on the subject)
The only radio I listen to is "sports radio", WEEI specifically. I lost interest in "music" radio a long time ago. People keep telling me I NEED satellite radio but from what I hear it's just more of the same. Someone telling me what to listen to. The internet is my music source now. This is what I love about sports and sports radio:
Forty year old Curt Schilling ,of bloody sock fame, comes as close to a no-hitter as possible (two outs in the ninth) and all the callers on WEEI can talk about is how Julio Lugo and J.D. Drew can't hit and are a total waste of Red Sox money. Later that night Lugo hits a leadoff homer and Drew adds not one, but two three-run homers. And while the callers aren't completely wrong it seems like he and Julio get the last laugh.
who listens to the radio - the sports
curt blogs about his one-hitter

(editor's note: Who Listens To The Radio could be confused with On Your Radio by Joe Jackson who should not be confused with "Shoeless" Joe Jackson)

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