Friday, August 17, 2007

Casual Dining

For 27 years I've missed the Incredible Casuals Sunday afternoon show until now, sort of. Lodging in Hyannis we decided to make the trek to the Wellfleet Beachcomber about 30 miles away. Heading up RT 6 I don't quite know where it is but I do find Cahoon Hollow Rd. It's a long quiet Cape road that goes on forever. "Where is this place?" we all ask aloud. It can't be in the ocean. Sure enough, IT'S RIGHT SMACK ON TOP OF THE BEACH. It's a restaurant so I can bring my kid in right? Wrong! At 4 PM it's a bar and NO ONE UNDER 21 IS ALLOWED. The kind gentleman at the door suggests we order some food and listen outside.
I saw them do a rousing Beat On the Brat in true punk fashion as I ordered from the take-out window. So I did see them, right? Best clam roll I ever had to boot.
Maybe next time I'll get in.
Incredible Casuals (MP3's and more)

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