Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tom Petty Halftime Show

Looking forward to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers halftime show.
He'll probably break out all the lame hits (Freefallin, I Won't Back Down) but the Heartbreakers are still a great band, especially guitarist Mike Campbell and former Stooge Scott Thurston. If you don't have their 1999 album Echo go buy it now

post Superbowl update:
Tom Brady didn't play as well as Tom Petty
but he went down Swingin' (1999)

Tom "playing bass" with Dwight Twilley (1977)


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are right about Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers still being a fantastic band, but your "lame hits (Free Fallin, I Won't Back Down)" comment almost envelopes the coolness of the aforementioned one and leaves you with the stale scent of ignorance and saturated stupidity. Those are classic songs from a master song-smith.

Philco Brothers said...

Envelopes are for letters.
Just because I like Tom Petty doesn't mean I have to worship everything he does.
Free Fallin, in my opinion, is not the finest work of a master song- smith.
A comment like "the stale scent of ignorance and saturated stupidity" is worse.
And I won't back down .