Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Torture Never Stops

Frank Zappa's The Torture Never Stops DVD is now available in general release. Previously it could only be ordered at the Zappa website. I went for it a couple years ago but it was sold out at the time. The film is made from a couple of NYC Halloween concerts that were originally shown on MTV. I remember seeing this at a friends house and being insanely jealous because I DIDN'T HAVE CABLE YET. This is a treat for fans of late 70's /early 80's Zappa, so if you think You Are What You Is is the GREAT CONCEPT ALBUM THAT I DO then this DVD is for you. Not a lot of oldies here (a nice version of Montana) but mostly IT'S THE NEWER STUFF! Zappa plays the perfect singer/emcee/conducter here with a few extended guitar breaks. The band is an equal mixture of humour and chops, especially notable is Steve Vai on guitar and "vocals." MY ONLY COMPLAINT here is that it's HALLOWEEN NIGHT and GOBLIN GIRL didn't make the cut. I know they played it, it can readily be found on YouTube. My advice is: BUY THIS DISC! and for EXTRA BONUS TRACKS search the web.

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