Sunday, November 12, 2006

strawberries yields forever

At one time Strawberries was the only place to buy "records and tapes" in the area. Before that it was department stores where you had to match up the corresponding letter to the price chart. Yeah Strawberries had it all, we thought, till we found Al Bum's and realized there was a whole other world of music out there. Still Strawberries was the main place to go to buy music. In fact I met one of the Philco Bros there. He was a manager working the register and I was buying a Velvet Underground LP. I remember him playing the Dream Syndicate at full volume against strict playlist rules. Well things changed a little when the first CDs started showing up and we realized we could find better music if we drove a few miles down route 9 to Newbury Comics. I would still stop in every now and then to comb the bargain bins and find something amazing that people had passed by for years but for the most part Strawberries was a thing of the past. Now what few stores remained have become FYE (the same company that tried to buy Tower) and Strawberries is no more.

Here are some photos (thanks Bruce) of REM at an in- store appearance at the Cambridge Strawberries. We only got Bryan Adams in Shrewsbury. One more thing I'd like to mention is they hid all the Husker Du albums behind the counter for about a year because they didn't show up for their in-store appearance.
rem at strawberries

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