Thursday, November 02, 2006

then there were who

Watching The Who steal the show at The Concert For New York City a few years back confirmed what I had been reading in English magazines. The Who, with Zak (son of Ringo) Starkey in the drummer's chair, were once again a powerful live act. I finally gave in and bought The Royal Albert Hall dvd and was floored. They sounded as good as ever. They continued to tour after losing John Entwistle but Pete still promised a new album and I was gonna buy it no matter how bad the advance tracks sounded. Well it's finally here (take that Chinese Democracy!) and after the opening sounds (some variation on the Baba O' Reily synth) nearly scared me away, I have to say...
It's good.
Not Who Sell Out good.
but good.
Some nice acoustic guitar songs with Roger singing
with Pete singing
a couple mid tempo rockers
and a mini-opera to boot.
I'm glad they're back.
preview Endless Wire
buy Royal Albert Hall dvd


Anonymous said...

If you think these people are horrible people, let them know.

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