Friday, October 05, 2007

The Definition Of Low

Here's a big F**K YOU to MLB, TBS, TNT, and Charter Cable.
I just watched the entire 162 game Red Sox regular season in High Definition on NESN. Now the playoffs are on TBS and TBS HD is not carried by my local cable provider. Even worse the beginning of tonight's Sox game began on TNT HD then switched to non-HD TBS when the Indians - Yankees game ended. It's obvious that TNT could carry the game but they want to force Charter to carry TBS HD at their price. And why is Charter always last major cable company to carry the new stations? As they fight over price the viewers get screwed. Some of the blame must also go to Major League Baseball for giving the contract to a non HD ready network. Watching the game in standard definition on an HD TV is like going back to UHF. The picture nearly as bad as Craig Sager's jacket.


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