Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm A Smoker, I'm A Poseur, I'm A...

Keith Smokes, Steve Miller Rips Stones

The city council has confirmed it is investigating reports that Richards smoked throughout the gig at Hampden Park on Friday, which was attended by 50,000 fans.
Richards, who has twice been charged for hard drugs offences, could be fined £50 if he is found to have contravened the ban, which was introduced earlier this year to combat the effects of passive smoking.
One fan said: "I was quite near the back, but I could see that Keith Richards had something white in his mouth and there was smoke coming from his mouth.
"He kept smoking through the set, so it wasn't just for effect. He had it in his mouth while he was playing."
A spokesman for the anti-smoking charity ASH Scotland said: "We welcome that Glasgow City Council is taking its responsibility to enforce the ban seriously.
"We realise also though, that Keith Richards did hurt his head recently and might not have been fully compus mentis."

From the Boston Herald:
"The Rolling Stones are posers," the 62-year-old [Steve Miller] said. "When you go see the Rolling Stones, most of it is Mick Jagger bouncing around onstage. Flabby arms, pasty white skin, shaking his 65-year-old ass (he's 63). I've seen the Rolling Stones and you can't take your eyes off Mick because he's so weird. He's bouncing around like a drag queen. They don't really have to do that. The music is really good, but it's not about the music."

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