Monday, August 07, 2006

You Really Wouldn't Understand

One of my favorite releases of last summer was Dirty Diamonds from Alice Cooper. Ever since 1994's excellent The Last Temptation I've been following his latest releases. Brutal Planet and Dragontown both had their moments but were a little too heavy (metal and subject-wise). The Eyes Of Alice Cooper was a return to hard rock but the tunes weren't up to snuff. When I first saw Diamonds I was a little surprised to see it on New West Records, a great Americana/Rock/Country label whose roster includes Drive-by Truckers and Kris Kristofferson. "Has Alice gone country?" I asked myself. Absolutely not, this is old school rock with tunes to match. Whether you really like this album or not depends on what you think of Cooper's humor. I love it. So great job to New West for putting out something completely different and thanks to Alice for remaining somewhere between high school and old school. Check it out.
Dirty Diamonds at Pure Volume


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