Friday, September 22, 2006

Evan Can Wait

from Q Magazine:
Distracted by hard drugs and leggy models, by the time of The Lemonheads' 1996 release Car Button Cloth, Evan Dando was best known as the bloke who hung around with Oasis. One solo album later (2003's Baby I'm Bored) and he's sensibly trading under his band name again, with the rhythm section from '80s US punkers The Descendents. The result is a tougher-sounding, pacier outfit who wisely don't try to embellish the simple-strummed approach. Dando sounds like a man resigned ("We can never do anything about anything anyway," he states in Let's Just Laugh) and if the songwriting isn't quite up to the standard of 1992's high-water mark It's A Shame About Ray, The Lemonheads marks a welcome return.

update 9/29 you can download No Backbone at
lemonheads myspace
listen to the full album

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