Sunday, September 10, 2006

never forget

Apparently rock and roll has forgotten Bob Seger existed before 1976. Long before Old Time Rock And Roll and Against The Wind endlessly polluted the airwaves he had some fine 60's singles and a couple hard rocking LPs. My favorite of these is Back In '72 which I picked up at a flea market for about five dollars sometime "back in '82". This album features the studio version of Turn The Page (sans saxophone) and some decent covers (Free, Van Morrison, Allman Brothers) but the stand out tune is Rosalie (a Thin Lizzy favorite) about Canadian radio programmer Rosalie Trombley. '72 is one of Seger's better albums but it has seen no reissue on vinyl or cd because the man himself doesn't like the rough vocals. Well Bob you're right, Rock And Roll Never Forgets , you just forgot rock and roll.

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