Monday, September 18, 2006

You've got a knack for sailin'

from billboard:
Wood says he's "loving where [the band] is, musically," and is especially looking forward to reconvening with Richards, who will be coming to rehearsals straight from filming for the third installment of Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" series."They're filming as we speak, and he's gonna come to the next rehearsal in Boston dressed in his pirate gear," says Wood, who was vacationing with Richards in Fiji in May when he was injured. "He said, 'I'm not allowed to shave, and they're gonna start tying bits on my growth from my face to get into pirate mode.'"Wood continues, "I said, 'Well, promise me one thing -- you won't get out of character. Come straight from the set to rehearsals in Boston.' He said, 'I promise you I will,' so it's gonna be perfect."
keith don't go (to toronto)

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