Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bourne In The USA

Maybe it was the Jackass style photos we took of ourselves with the fireworks. I don't know. This year was going to be the biggest display yet. We had them all lined up, boxes and boxes of the finest imported fireworks a lot of money could buy.
A few rockets and a roman candle or two and they were already cheering across the bay. One big box-boom-we were on our way. I walked the yard to check the view and that's when the spotlight hit me. I knew it was the cops. I ran to the beach as fast as I could and they hid the 'works twice as fast as that. But there was no big chase scene, no arrests, just a polite request to stop the show. "Did You Know Fireworks Are Illegal In Massachusetts?" Yes sir. And that was the end of what would have been the biggest display to date. Couldn't ruin a good day though. Sparklers and Snakes will have to keep us amused.

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