Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Gayla Celebration

Go Fly A Kite. You've heard the expression and that's just what we did. Cool and windy day, Cape Cod, perfect. The fifteen dollar Flying Machine lasted about five minutes before it hit the ground. This was shortly after Dick Wagner (my uncle, not the legendary guitarist) boasted of his extreme kite-flying skills. What to do. Luckily, my trusty sidekick brought the BABY BAT. You know, that 1970's model kite that I bought in a joke store for two bucks. Ten minutes and three rolls of string later, the bat was flying at an altitude of approximately 1200 hundred feet. It was true, he was the great kitesman he claimed to be. Hours later we decided to cut the bird loose instead of spending the night reeling it in. So long, we thought, but the string caught the trees and the BABY BAT was still flying well into the darkness of night. Could still be there today. If you cross the Bourne Bridge take a look and let us know.

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