Sunday, July 01, 2007

Starship Troupers?

On a hot summer night in Boston Morrisey had a meltdown and bailed out on his show while Paul Kantner couldn't take the heat across town.
Boston Herald reports:
Amazingly, about the same time Morrissey was wilting last night, Starship was overheating. Complaining about the lack of air conditioning, Paul Kantner and several other bandmembers walked offstage, abandoning singer Marty Balin, who was forced to stretch three ballads into 20 excruciating minutes. Eventually Kantner cooled off enough to come back and finish the show, but he was still boiling when reached by phone yesterday. “We played at the worst venue imaginable yesterday,” he griped. “What a dive. The only reason our manager booked it was because we wanted to play the NBC Morning show in New York City.”
Yeah, that must be the reason.

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